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1 Choose HDD drill rods for clients
2 Exploration Drilling Powder Polymer CHP ( Equivalent with AMC CR650) to Liberia
3 SINOMUD drilling fluids exported to Ghana, Africa
4 SINO MUD will attend Kazakhstan 2017 KAZXOMAK Exhibition
5 SINOMUD drilling fluids exported to Bishkek KZ
6 SINO MUD Mining Drilling Fluids to Mexico
7 Follow SINOMUD homepage in Linkedin
8 SINOMUD drilling fluids used in Australia
9 SINOMUD drilling fluids exported to Panama
10 Sulfonated Asphalt SAS and Drilling calcium nitrate to Ecuador.
11 Lubricant LINSEED SOAP exported to Indonesia
12 SINO MUD exploration drilling fluids exported to Bishkek, Kyrghyzstan
13 SINOMUD drilling fluids was exported to Indonesia
14 SINO MUD Drilling Rod Grease exported to Sudan
15 SINOMUD Organic Clay was exported to Azerbaijan
16 SINOMUD mining drilling polymer to Philippines
17 Mongolia Client Visit for the Mining Drillling Fluids Business
18 Client Visit for Water Well drilling SUPER FOAM and Thread Grease
19 SINOMUD Drilling fluids for Mining exploration
20 SINOMUD drilling fluids
21 SINO MUD Group Exhibition Map
22 Exploration Drilling Polymer CHP, VIS to Liberia
23 Exploration Drilling Polymer CHP to India
24 Customer who is from Peru visited our factory
25 SINOMUD Copper Thread Grease was exported to Malaysia
26 Business trip to Philippines for HDD Exhibirion on Nov 2016
27 Business trip to Shanghai Bauma Exhibition
28 Exhibition of City Infrastructure Philippine
29 New 15KG Drum for Drilling Polymer Viscosifier CHP (AMC CR650)
30 Exhibition and Business trip
31 Exported Water Well Drilling Foam
32 SINO MUD Mud Engineer Services
33 Indonesia Client Visit SINO MUD
34 SINOMUD drilling fluid exported to Malaysia again
35 SINOMUD drilling fluid exported to Brazil
36 2016 MINExpo International Exhibition in America
37 SINOMUD drilling fluid used in pipe jacking project
38 SINOMUD Drilling fluid has exported to Sudan
39 HTHP (460℉) Anti Salt Polymer Fluids Loss Control Agent HIPOLY
40 SINOMUD Drilling fluid for HDD has exported to Malaysia
41 HTHP polymer fluids loss agent, Equivalent with Chevron Driscal and SNF Polydril .
42 HTHP polymer fluids loss agent, Equivalent with Chevron Driscal and SNF Polydrill .
43 Attend the exhibition of Trenchless Asia 2016
44 Visit to Indonesia for HDD, Mining Drilling Fluids Business
45 Drilling mud for no dig was exported to South Africa
46 Drilling mud for no dig was exported to JNB South Africa
47 Anti Temperature and Salt Fluids Loss Control Agent
48 SINOMUD HDD drilling mud was exported to Egypt
49 SINOMUD plug passed the test by Russia customer
50 Sino Mud Exported Drilling Fluids to Taiwan Successfully
51 Drilling Fluids Update for Tunnel Drilling,CBM Drilling and Rotary Drilling
53 Sino Mud New Product KLACAP, Just like MI Swaco Ultracap
54 Sino Mud participated in the 2015 China Mining Exhibition
55 Laos Agency
56 The updated products of Alibaba
57 Sino Mud Had A Very Successful Exhibition in Turkey 2015, Thank You!
58 Inida Clients Visited Our Factory
59 Participating in 2015 CHINA MINING Congress & Expo
60 China Mining 2015
61 National Day Holiday
62 Mongolia Agency
63 Sino Mud Update the Drilling Fluids Prices
64 Myanmar Agency
65 Russia's gas shrink
66 Arriving Turkey for the No-Dig Exhibition
67 polyamine
68 Sino Mud Wooden Box for Exporting.
69 Maduro: Global Oil Price Should be a Minimum of $70
70 India cliens visited our company
71 Russia’s Eurasia Drilling Says 1H Net Profit Halves
72 Sino Mud Exported successfully to Iraq government for the Water Well Project
73 FERI Certificates
74 HDD Mud Formation in different soil type
75 Sino Mud New Factory have been completed ahead of schedule.
76 API Certification
77 Agent in Peru
78 Sino Mud Package Updating
79 Argentina Cuts Shale Drilling Costs But No New Joint Ventures Expected
80 33th International NO-DIG Istanbul 2015
81 2015 China Mining Exhibition
82 Diamond Offshore Drilling Revenues Drop, Net Income Rises
83 Equivalent with MI Swaco KLA GARD B and AMC AUS-GRIP (ECO) A & B
84 Halliburton Profit Beats Estimates As Costs Cuts Pay Off
85 Oil Ends Steady On Small US Rig Rise; Eyes On Greece, Iran
86 SINO MUD Business trip in Jakarta Indonesia
87 OPEC Sees More Balanced Oil Market in 2016
88 Opec crude output hits 3-year high
89 Petrobras slashes spending to cut debt
90 Alibaba Jumps on China Rebound; Stocks Surge as Oil Spikes
91 OPEC supply surge swamps downturn in US tight-oil output
92 Business to Jakarta Indonesia
93 Oil & Gas:A prelude to the tariff reform
94 Pertamina to Take Control of Indonesia’s Mahakam Oil & Gas Block
95 Iran gas exports to Iraq delayed again by security concerns
96 Oil markets risk more trouble
97 Analyst: Offshore rig utilization likely won’t return to 2014 levels until 2019-2021
98 Iraq crude exports hit record
99 Iran to build gas pipeline for exports to Oman
100 Biodegradable Super Poly replaced AMC liquid pol in as Coalbed Methane Drilling Fluids
101 Iran starts work on refinery
102 Oil market glut to ease, says Opec
103 New oil field was found in Mexico
104 Iran's 40 million barrels stored at sea hangs over oil market
105 different package
106 Iraq raises July Basra crude OSP to Asia
107 SINO MUD: Turkey Trenchless Exhibition
108 Opec moots $80 as new ‘fair’ oil price
109 Saudi Arabia raises July Arab Light crude OSP to Asia
110 European firms eye investment in $2.8bn Iran refinery
111 Russia’s refinery
112 Oil and Gas Drilling Activity
113 SINO MUD export EZ MUD DP substitution to Panama
114 Oil jumps 5pc as dollar rally stalls, US rigs fall
115 Iran Oil&Gas Exhibition
116 oil price
117 Bahrain oil industry growth highlighted
118 BV and Intertek Inspection
119 SINO MUD export solid LCM-SEAL to Panama
120 IEA sees game-changing potential in Caspian region
121 Turkey Internation Trenchless Exhibition
122 Saudi Arabia ready to help ‘improve’ prices
123 Foaming Agent FOAM PLUS
124 Attending the 2015 Iran Exhibition
125 19th CITT 2015
126 Hedge funds take hit playing beat-up oil sector
127 SINO MUD New Website
128 Oil Based Mud Cross Reference
129 Austria client visited our factory
130 India clients came for order confirmation
131 New drilling lubricant
132 Iraq customer visit and events
133 Oil price begin to rise
134 Falling Rig Count Gives Hope For Oil Industry Recovery
135 Lost circulation material-Seal
136 19th China International Trenchless Technology Conference and Exhibition :)
137 New Logo-SINOMUD
138 Contrast between Plug and FT
139 New factory
140 Baker Hughes incorporated by Halliburton
141 New Product-Liquid Thinner THN
142 China Mining 2014
143 Invitation to Electra Mining Africa 2014
144 Turkmenistan Clients Visit the Factory on August 8th, 2014
145 Japanese client and his colleague Mr Xie came to visit our factory on June 9th,2014.
146 Indonesia Clients Visit to Our Factory for Drilling Fluids Cooperation
147 Saudi Arabia Client Visit
148 Invitation to Electra Mining Africa 2014 from the China Manufacturer of Drilling Mud
149 How to apply diamond seal or polyswell in HDD drilling.
150 The Colombia clients visited our company
151 The German clients visited our company
152 CX-GEL, VIS and CMH Passed Interek Quality Inspection
153 CX-GEL, VIS and CMH Passed Bureau Veritas inspection
154 Middle East Customers Came to Take Sample of Foaming Agent for Water Well Drilling with Government Officials
155 Signed up the USD 260,000 purchase contract with Middle East customer
156 Mongolia customers came to visit our company
157 India customers visited our company

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