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Now we use viscometers that routinely measure viscosity as a function of shear rate together with rheometers that can characterize the solid-like properties of the same material. The mainly used instruments used to measure material properties are 6/12 speed rotary viscometer and Marsh Funnel Viscometer.

         The six-speed rotary viscometer can be used to measure various parameters, plot the rheological curves according to the measured values for multi-points, determine the flow pattern of fluids in the process of flowing, choose suitable calculated equations and analyze the rheological parameters of in-situ drilling fluids. The above work will be helpful to meet the needs of safe, fast, scientific well drilling.

Ordering Information and Specification

  • Six speed viscometers have speeds600, 300, 200, 100, 6, and 3 rpm
  • welve speed viscometers have speeds of 600, 300, 200, 180, 100, 90, 60, 30, 6, 3, 1.8, and 0.9 rpm

The Marsh Funnel is a simple device for indicating viscosity on a routine basis. When used with a measuring cup the funnel gives an empirical value for the consistency of a fluid. The number obtained depends partly on the effective viscosity at the rate of shear prevailing in the orifice, and partly on the rate of gelation. The Marsh Funnel Viscometer and Measuring Cup are made of rugged, break-resistant plastic that resists temperature change deformation. The Measuring Cup, graduated in cubic centimeters and fluid ounces, is designed specifically for use with the Marsh Funnel. This easy to operate equipment is used for making rapid, on the spot measurements of fluids viscosity.

Ordering Information

  • Marsh Funnel Viscometer, Plastic SM-M001
  • Measuring Cup, Plastic SM-M002
  • Measuring Cup, Stainless Steel

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